Finding An Affordable Hospital Plan

Clientele offers you the option between 4 unique plans to choose from. Each with different benefits and each cheaper than the other. You can now get hospital cover for cheap, and the best thing is, is that you can have peace of mind knowing if something is to happen to you or a loved one, then you can get the best treatment and care in South Africa.

The four offers for hospital plans:

  1. Accident plan (R145p/m)
  2. Ultimate hospital plan (R147p/m)
  3. Plus plan (R99p/m)
  4. Premium plan (R275p/m)

Visit us to find a provider for protection against all odds. It is necessary, especially in South Africa to have some sort of health care plan. Why? Accidents. Crime. Illness. Natural disasters. Disorders. Unknown. Just examples of things that might happen to you or a loved one.

You can get the best for less with Clientele Hospital Plans




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